Digital fasting program for Jain youth...

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Digital fasting program for Jain youth...

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An interesting article I found on digital fasting for Jain youth who are habituated or addicted to mobiles or social media... ... 853583.cms

AHMEDABAD: With gadgets serving as one of the biggest distractions for youth in the modern world, the Jain community has devised a way to to break the virtual bondage.

“A mobile is a good servant but a dangerous master.” That’s the tagline of the 50-day “ “digital fasting” challenge that a Jain organisation has been promoting amongst its youth.

The first step of the challenge does involve an online step: registration. But after signing up, participants will have to eschew all gadgets — mobiles, laptops, tablets, and phablets - for at least 12 hours a day. On observing the digital fast between 9am and 9pm, one gets 12 points. If the fast lasts from 9pm to 9am the following the following day, 9 points are awarded.
I think the concept is quite creative, and a useful spiritual exercise for other people as well who may have developed addictive behaviors to digital gadgets and social media at the expense of a balanced lifestyle. :twothumbsup:
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