Navratri : Nine day festival of the Divine Feminine

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Navratri : Nine day festival of the Divine Feminine

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The 9 day Navratri festival is being celebrated by Hindus around the world from last week onwards.
The nine manifestations of Maa Durga that are worshiped with fervor during Navratri, are believed to lift divine spirit in us to help us overcome obstacles and get liberated from unnecessary qualities to be filled with new freedom and purity.
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Re: Navratri : Nine day festival of the Divine Feminine

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Obesancies. That is an Amazing picture of Durga primarily because of the detailed lion. I have a firm Faith that the Divine Feminine is the Same as the Divine Masculine, in Union, as we find in Radha-Krishna for example. Nothing gives me more joy in life than the reality of the Divine coming in Feminine form as well, I believe it is the Crown Jewel on the stable crown of the Supreme Lord and Godess: One.
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-The Lotus Sutra, Chapter Two, Expedient Means.
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