Dr. Frederick Lenz on Taoism....

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Dr. Frederick Lenz on Taoism....

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A link on the sayings of Dr. Frederick Lenz on Taoism…


Years back, I had gone through some notes on Taoism , but couldn’t make much of it due to its poetical nature which I found a bit vague and mystical. There was no scholarly commentary as well that would have helped make sense of it.

It was through Lenz’s sayings that I was able to delve into the nature of Taoism and Tao and comprehend it better.

Some insightful sayings of Lenz's....

Taoism is the way of water. The most frequent element or symbol referred to in Lao Tzu's writings is the symbol of water.

Water is the symbol of pure consciousness.

When it reaches a blockage, water find the easiest path around the blockage, or it continues to assemble, and flows over the blockage.

The Grand Canyon is living evidence of the power of water over a period of time. The power may not manifest immediately. Water can be very powerful, like a tidal wave.

Wisdom is knowing that if you bend, you don't have to break. Sometimes it is necessary to go with the flow of life.

Taoism means stretching your being, becoming both a man and a woman and joining within yourself, to be the heavens themselves, to stretch your awareness beyond the breaking point until all opposites are reconciled within yourself.

Be in harmony with the Tao, with the basic principles of creation. To not be in harmony with that flow, no matter how hard you meditate, you will not be happy and you won't be liberated.
Wholesome virtuous behavior progressively leads to the foremost.~ Buddha AN 10.1

If you do right, irrespective of what the other does, it will slow down the (turbulent) mind. ~ Rajini Menon
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Re: Dr. Frederick Lenz on Taoism....

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Ajay0 wrote: Sat Sep 25, 2021 7:25 am Be in harmony with the Tao, with the basic principles of creation. To not be in harmony with that flow, no matter how hard you meditate, you will not be happy and you won't be liberated.
I wonder, although the subtle Ancient Philosophy or Taoism doesn't mention the Creator, would it take a Realization of God Consciousness, faith in the Creator to live by the principle outlined in the quote? In Buddhism, for example, the atheist may make best friends with the Buddha, accept His Metta, and have a life driven into happiness created by the powerful philosophical and Meditative absorptions given by the World-Honored One, but without seeing the Divinity of the Divine One in front of them, do they truly see the world? The same question can be applied to Taoism if one is observing the Tao, the principles of creation can teach one so many things, and observing them, cause and effect, sympathy and joy coming from life, one is eventually sent to the place where they have to find out for themselves the full Cause of this entire Cosmic manifestation, as well as their own life and the true purpose of it. I believe Taoism, like Buddhism in it's philosophy, has the full capacity to instill in it's followers the Realization of what is the Force behind the Tao, and what is the Tao. Does one fully Realize the method of Taoism until they Realize the one pulling the strings? It may be you, but then whom is supplying you air and rain, and whom supplies that Lifegiver whom supplies you the air and rain with their Faculty?
"But although I preach nirvana, this is not a true extinction. All phenomena from the very first have of themselves constantly borne the marks of tranquil extinction. Once the sons of the Buddha have carried out this way, then in a future existence they will be able to become Buddhas."
-The Lotus Sutra, Chapter Two, Expedient Means.
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