Milk and blood

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Milk and blood

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Guru Nanak was the first Guru of the Sikhs and founder of Sikhism, which was said to have amalgamated the best teachings and practices in Hinduism and Islam.

He was known for his teachings on love for God, as well as the equality and fraternity of all human beings.

He travelled around large portions of Asia spreading his teachings. Various miracles associated with him also attracted fame and popularity around him. Bhai Mardana, a sufi muslim and Bhai Bala accompanied Nanak in his travels.

There is a popular story associated with Guru Nanak during his wanderings, where he received the hospitality of a humble and virtuous carpenter named Bhai Lalo and stayed with him.

This excited the envy of a wealthy and tyrannical landowner named Malik Bhago who wanted Nanak to stay in his mansion instead. After repeatedly cajoling Nanak to visit his mansion for a feast, Nanak agreed .

Nanak arrived at the mansion with some bread he had taken from Bhai Lalo. When he arrived at the feast, he took some grapes of Malik Bhago in his left hand and the bread of Lalo in his right hand and squeezed them. Upon squeezing, milk came from the dried bread of Bhai Lao while blood came out from the succulent grapes of Malik Bhago.

This was Nanak's way of showing that food and wealth earned by honest and virtuous effort was similar to milk, while food and wealth earned by dishonest and vicious effort was similar to blood. ... and-blood/
Wholesome virtuous behavior progressively leads to the foremost.~ Buddha AN 10.1

If you do right, irrespective of what the other does, it will slow down the (turbulent) mind. ~ Rajini Menon
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