Feliz dia de los muertos

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Feliz dia de los muertos

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Happy Day of the Dead!

Here in Las Vegas there is a festival celebrating dia de los muertos at the park right next to my business, lots of good food, music.
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Re: Feliz dia de los muertos

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Verse 21. Freedom Is Difficult

Heedfulness is the Deathless path,
heedlessness, the path to death.
Those who are heedful do not die,
heedless are like the dead.

Explanation: The path to the Deathless is the perpetual awareness of experience. The deathless does not imply a physical state where the body does not die. When an individual becomes totally aware of the process of experiencing, he is freed from the continuity of existence. Those who do not have that awareness are like the dead, even if they are physically alive.


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