Master Hua on Cultivation

Cultivating virtue, generosity, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolve, universal love, equanimity, compassion.
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Re: Master Hua on Cultivation

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More from his gloss on chapter 29:
Bodhisattvas are free from all attachments. They act without action. Thus, they do not discriminate among the events of the past, deliberate about the future, or have a single thought of attachment to the present. He neither contemplates bodhi nor differentiates bodhi. A Bodhisattva does not contemplate bodhi; instead, he cultivates bodhi. In other words, he cultivates the land without being concerned about the harvest. He diligently nurtures and waters his crops, so that they sprout, bloom, and bear fruit. A Bodhisattva also makes no discriminations about the Path to Enlightenment.

He neither sees the Buddhas’ appearance nor sees the Buddhas’ nirvana. A Bodhisattva is not attached to the idea of the Buddhas appearing in the world or of their entering nirvana. He neither sees them as having dwelt in great vows, nor sees them as having entered the proper position of Buddhahood. He is not attached to a Buddha or a Bodhisattva of Equal Enlightenment cultivating magnificent vows. He is able to “sweep away all dharmas and separate from all appearances.” He is not attached to the idea of certifying to the position of Buddhahood. He never goes beyond their being equally illusory. A Bodhisattva is not attached to the impartial nature of illusion either. He is attached to nothing at all.
Truth is against the stream of common thought, deep, subtle, difficult, delicate, unseen by passion’s slaves cloaked in the murk of ignorance. Vipassī Buddha
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