Master Hua on Cultivation

Cultivating virtue, generosity, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolve, universal love, equanimity, compassion.
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Re: Master Hua on Cultivation

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As for the very most genuine of techniques for cultivation, there is a three-fold secret formula:

The first is truth. One is unable to be false. No matter what endeavor it is, in every case one must do what is true.

The second is sincerity. One is the most ultimately respectful and the most ultimately reverential. One is very sincerely earnest. One is not lazy and one is not careless.

The third is constancy. One is constant and unchanging. One is constant [and thus] far-reaching and non-neglectful.

In every single action, every single movement, every single word, and every single step one must possess these three minds of truth, sincerity and constancy. If one maintains these three types of mind in everything one does then in the future, one will definitely be able to have success.
A true mind and true intent bring truth within truth. True practice and true cultivation take the truth beyond truth. True behavior and true conduct add truth to truth. In everything and every way, be true, true, true. Master Hua
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