When inspiration for practice is low...

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Re: When inspiration for practice is low...

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anjali wrote:
thepea wrote:I suppose the difficulties I'm facing are depth of concentration, when outside of retreat environment mind is experiencing at a gross level, and there is much wandering(mostly thinking of work related things). The hindrances are overpowering me lately.
Yeah, that happens for all of us from time to time.
You are correct that the cushion is not necessary and we are all to meditate 24/7 in all postures but I'm not there yet and find seated meditation a very beneficial exercise.
While seated meditation may be beneficial, sometimes we just don't have a choice about such things, and we have to be willing to temporarily let go of our desire and accept what is. Here is some advice I've been given over the years when pressed for time.

I don't know what practices are available in your tradition, but if you can't find a long chunk of time for mediation, maybe try "short duration throughout the day". The key is to find simple methods for interrupting the constant outward flow of the mind during the day. As frequently as you can, find ~5 seconds, and use a technique like Thich Nhat Hanh's "Breathing in, I calm body and mind; breathing out, I smile." My experience is that this works pretty well.

Also, practice sitting in bed ~10 minutes before getting up and going to sleep. And try a 10-15 minute lunch meditation if you work situation allows it. The more you can collect your mind during the day, the more productive shorter mediation periods will be.

Best wishes!

"Breathe & Smile"? I love those simple practise recomendations. :goodpost:
Thank you.
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