World's first vegetarian city,Palitana...

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World's first vegetarian city,Palitana...

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The world's first fully vegetarian city is Palitana in India. ... 048681.cms
Yes, that is right, India is home to the world’s first fully vegetarian city, and it’s called Palitana. A small city, located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat in India, it is counted among the purest and most revered destination for those who follow Jainism. In fact, it is absolutely illegal to kill animals for eating purposes here, and selling eggs or meat is a strict no.

Back in the year 2014, the government put a ban on animal slaughter in the region and since then, not a single animal has been killed here. The ban was implemented when around 200 Jain monks protested by going on a hunger strike to show the government that they'd prefer to die than letting animal slaughter and consumption allowed in the area.

The monks demanded to get all the 250 butcher shops to be shut down and the state government was forced to do so. Thus, the city was declared a meat-free zone. However, dairy products are still allowed and people in the city consume milk, ghee, butter, etc.

This is because Palitana is home to hundreds of temples, and is also a major pilgrim centre for Jains. It is said that their saviour, Adinatha, once walked its hills and the place has been important for the followers since then. There is no definite figure about how many people follow Jainism but the number ranges between four to five million across the world!

Palitana, about 50 km southwest of Bhavnagar, holds the record of being the only mountain with more than 900 temples in the whole world! For Jains, all the Palitana temples, along with the mountain are absolutely important from a religious viewpoint. It is also the most sacred pilgrimage centres or (tirtha) for the Jain community and is considered the world's largest temple complex.

If you are an ardent lover of non-vegetarian food, this is clearly not the place for you.
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Re: World's first vegetarian city,Palitana...

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What a wonderful thing for this world. Like DNS has implied, if there were just more Jains on this planet, this world would be a much better place!


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-The Lotus Sutra, Chapter Two, Expedient Means.
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