Sadhguru on the versatility of vegetable Ash Gourd...

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Sadhguru on the versatility of vegetable Ash Gourd...

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Interesting article by Sadhguru on the nutritive and positive energies of the Ash Gourd vegetable... ... ts-recipes

Sadhguru has associated this vegetable with positive energy, intellectual sharpness , increased energy with calmness, and a good source of nutrition.
Traditionally, this vegetable has been put to use in so many ways. One reason why it is hung in front of new homes is, when you enter a newly built building, sometimes certain negative energies get trapped. So they advised people to hang an ash gourd because it creates so much positive vibration that it clears the negativity. I think it is better to put it into your body. Now instead of putting it in front of your house, if you put it into your stomach, you will become a source of good vibrations. Wherever you go, everything is fine with you.

Consumption of ash gourd brings an enormous amount of energy, at the same time it keeps your nerves very calm. If you drink coffee, it gives you energy with agitation. If you drink a glass of ash gourd, it gives you enormous amount of energy, and still keeps you calm. ~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
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Re: Sadhguru on the versatility of vegetable Ash Gourd...

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New fruit to me, not sure if it is in local markets; looks tasty and appealing.
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