Jātakas | Animated Buddhist Stories

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Jātakas | Animated Buddhist Stories

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Jātakas | Animated Buddhist Stories

These videos illustrate the Jātakas, didactic tales based on past lives of the Buddha and his disciples..

a set of animations produced by Wat San Fran (a Thai temple in San Francisco)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwVAviK ... f7oBouYAg_

Courage | The Bhoja Warhorse Jataka | Animated Buddhist Stories - นิทานชาดก

Medicine for a Dead Baby | Kisagotami Theri | Animated Buddhist Stories - นิทานชาดก

The First Aspiration | Siddhartha | Animated Buddhist Stories - นิทานชาดก

https://dhammadafloresta.org/2020/08/ja ... portugues/

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