one million posts!

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one million posts!

Post by DNS »

Total members can get inflated, especially if admins, moderators don't remove spammers from the list. So the best stat in my opinion is the total number of posts over the history of the site.

As far as I know, no Buddhist forum has had over one million posts, except for e-sangha which was the only forum with a good forum software similar to this one at that time. The other forums at that time were all on google or yahoo, or other bad formats. E-sangha died about 10 years ago.

In the video in the OP (at DWT & DWM) I mentioned how we were nearing one million posts. We were about 59,000 posts short of that about 7 months ago . . . . until now! And this happened only about 3 days after Asalha Puja Day, which commemorates the Buddha's first teaching, the first turning of . . . . .


Dhamma Wheel (DWT) 504,281 posts, est. December 30, 2008
Dharma Wheel (DWM) 484,298 posts, est. April 5, 2009
Dharma Paths (DP) 5,959 posts
Dharma Wheel Engaged (DWE) 5,462 posts

Total posts from all DW forums: 1,000,000
(as of this date)

Thanks again everyone!
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Re: one million posts!

Post by Lucas Oliveira »

Thanks and Congratulations David, for your efforts to spread the word about Dharma!


I participate in this forum using Google Translator.
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