Face to Face with God

Deep meditation practices of Dharma traditions, absorptions, tranquility, asceticism
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Face to Face with God

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In addition to Brahma Das detailed explanation of this experience, I will add other traditional mystic experiences.
I have met God face to face, [...] and regularly associate with the Supreme Lord in the Spiritual World.
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Re: Face to Face with God

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The Avatar I met was Kalki, the One who vanquishes the demons at the end of Kali-Yuga, and ushers in the next Satya-Yuga. He travelled from the far future to help me in this time, hundreds of thousands of years from the future. He helped me greatly and I Love Him very dearly. One of the first things I asked Him silently with my mind when I met Him when He appeared in front of me, in a pure blue hue, was "Are you Buddha?" and He replied, "Well, I am the Original Buddhist." Kalki is an Avatar of Krishna and I met Him by the grace of being a devotee of Krishna, and reading Prabhupada's books. Since then, my depth of understanding of Krishna and God has greatly increased and I see God everywhere, even in myself, and as the Supersoul in the atoms all around me. God is all Love, and it is Him who is keeping this material cosmic manifestation together, though He is also all Spiritual, not coming into contact with it, but meditating on it from the Spiritual World, as the material world is a perverted reflection of the Spiritual World, with nothing auspicious in it. If one thinks there is something auspicious in the material world they are under the spell of illusion. So we should focus on the Spiritual, and Spiritual means fulfilling the purpose of Spirit--that is: Love, Spiritual Life. Eternal Devotion to Krishna is the Only Way.
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