Baal Shem and the Watcher

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Baal Shem and the Watcher

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In Judaism there is a rebel school of mystery called Hasidism. Its founder, Baal Shem, was a strange being. Midnight was returning from the river. This was his routine, because in the river at night there was absolute calm and quietness. He sat there, doing nothing - just watching his own being; Observing the observer. Tonight, when he came back, he passed by a rich man's house and the watchman was standing in front of the door. The watchman was intrigued that every night, at exactly the same time, this man would come back. He went out and said:

"Forgive me for the interruption, but I can no longer contain my curiosity. A question haunts me day and night. What you do ? What are you going to the river for? I followed him many times and there is nothing; The only thing you do is sit there for hours and hours, and then you come back at midnight. "

Baal Shem replied:

"I know you followed me several times, because the night is so silent that I could hear your footsteps. And I know that every day you hide behind the gate. But not only are you curious about me, I'm also curious about you. What do you do? "The guard replied:

- "What do I do? I'm a simple watcher.

"Then Baal Shem said to him,

"My God, you have spoken to me the key word. My occupation is this too. "

The guardian said:

"But I do not understand; If you are a vigilante you would have to be watching some house, some palace. What are you watching sitting on the sand of the river? "

Baal Shem replied:

- "There is a small difference: you watch that nothing out enters the palace; I simply watch over this watchman. Who is this watcher. This is the effort of my whole life; I watch over myself. "

The guardian told him:

- "But this is a very rare job! Who will pay you?

And he answered:

- "Happiness is so great, joy is so great, it is a blessing so immense that it is a reward in itself. Just a moment and all the riches of the world are nothing in comparison. "

The watchman said:

"That's very rare ... I've spent my life watching and never had such a beautiful experience. Tomorrow night I will accompany you, I want you to teach me, because I know how to watch, but it seems to me that I do it in a certain direction and you look in a different direction. "


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Re: Baal Shem and the Watcher

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My favorite depiction of the Hermit, by the way.
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