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At bedtime

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XII - In the Moment of Sleeping

            38 - Preface - Sleep is the rest of the body, but the Spirit does not need this rest. As the senses become numb, the soul is partially freed from matter, enjoying its spiritual faculties. Sleep has been given to man for the repair of his organic forces and his moral forces, while the body recovers the energies spent in the waking state, the spirit will reestablish itself among the other Spirits. It is then that he takes from all he sees, from all he perceives, and from the advice given to him, the ideas that come to him later, in the form of intuitions. It is the temporary return of the exile to his true homeland, the freedom granted momentarily to the prisoner. But it happens, as in the case of the perverse prisoners, that the Spirit does not always take advantage of this moment of freedom for his advance. He preserves his bad instincts, instead of seeking the company of the Good Spirits, he searches for his fellow men and goes to the places where he can release his evil inclinations. He who finds himself entangled in this truth raises his thought, the moment he feels the sleep approach; request the advice of the Good Spirits and those whose memory is dear to you, so that they may come and assist you in the brief interval granted to you. If you do, upon waking you will feel strengthened against evil, more courageous to face adversity.

            39 - Prayer - My soul will meet for a moment with the other Spirits. Let the good guys help me with their advice. My Guardian Angel, let me wake up to a lasting and beneficial impression of this encounter!

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