Changing the forum name to a better one?

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Changing the forum name to a better one?

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I think that the name "Dharma Paths" is a somewhat boring name for the forum that, at first glance at least, doesn't really excite people or show this forum's potential--and quick first impressions are often the difference between guests signing up as members or not.

I think that the main strength of forum is that discussions about all of the world's religions are allowed here (as opposed to the other Dharma Wheel sites where they are not), so the name should reflect this.

Perhaps the name should be "Dharma Wheel's Comparative Religion Forum"?

Do any of the other members here have suggestions for a better name for this forum?

After a few seconds of reflection people who are already familiar with eastern religions will recognize that "paths" in the name Dhama Paths refers to the Chinese character "Tao" or "way" and that any religion can be a "way" or "path."
And I know that there is a desire to keep the DharmaX template for a brand name: "Dharma Wheel," "Dharma Cologne," "Dharma Sledgehammer," etc.

But I think that a new and improved name for this forum would help it gain more new members.
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