Esoteric Theravada

the way of the Elders
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Esoteric Theravada

Post by Nicholas »

Such a secret tradition has existed in South Asia for a long time. This 2020 book by Kate Crosby gives the evidence for such an initiated tradition. Their meditation methods look heretical to many modern Theravadins. She gives reasons for this attitude.

A few review excerpts:
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Re: Esoteric Theravada

Post by Dharmasherab »

We have a copy of this text 'floating' around in the monastery that I am in. Will give a look at it when I have some time.
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Re: Esoteric Theravada

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It sounded like there was an enormous amount of information that any one person would require to follow this path. A lot of it seemed more Hindu than Buddhist to me, too. Although the Ayurveda stuff is probably just India rather than religion.
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